Low Height and The Seven Dwarfs
In the 80's The Oddballs were heavily associated with the world sport of Dwarf Throwing. 1986 saw England beat the Australian team in the World Dwarf Throwing Championships. Oddball member Lenny The Giant was thrown a further 2ft 8 inches than "Wee" Robbie the Australian counterpart.

See http://www.dwarfthrowing.co.uk/ for the British Dwarf Throwing website.
Lenny and Roy

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Eltham Dwarf Throwing Heats See all pictures from the Eltham Dwarf Throwing heats

  Danny "Oddball" Blue takes the first throw.
  One of the biggest tossers in Eltham
  Safety is paramount - Lenny is redirected back to crash mat
  Calculating distance of throw

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