From London's West-end to the East-end
After the Oddballs performances in the West-end theatres such as Cambridge Theatre and The Palladium they were approached by BBC's Eastenders to appear on the UK's favourite soap.

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Eastenders - Bianca

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Bianca's Hen Party Review all the screen grabs from the show broadcast Tuesday 15 April 1997.

  Oddballs enter The Queen Victoria, Walford
  Danny makes his way to the bar
  Peggy announces the Oddballs
  The Oddballs enter to fits of laughter
  Bianca and Tiffany having a "Giraffe" (East end Cockney Slang)
  Just another day at the office for the boys
  Cast genuinely cracking up as they were unaware of the act until filming
  Job done, off to collect the money and go home
  The cast continue to chuckle

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