History of the 25 years of The Oddballs
Over the 25 years The Oddballs have brought smiles to the faces of people through out the UK and also Italy, Northern Ireland, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Holland, Lanzarotte, Portugal and Australia.

The Oddballs have seen many members perform including comedian Brian Conley. Below shows the complete list of The Oddballs that have risen through the ranks.
25 years of The Oddballs

100% English
Adult Gift Shop
Beacon Bingo
Benefit Performance
Brian Conley
Dwarf Throwing
Embarrassing Parent
Erotic Awards
LBC Radio
Lenny Tribute
Love It! Magazine
Madness & The Oddballs
London Palladium
Portugal TV
Sinderella 2
Strictly Come Dancing
The Salon

Stag Shows - Female strippers & Blue comedian

Danny Blue

Mark Gale

Adrian Doughty

Buster Bamford

Richard Welsh

Mal Tobias

Mick Parsons

Rob Darling

Frank Taylor

Mick Gallagher

Jason Bamford

Lenny The Giant

Dave Jordan

Simon Eden

Kevin Lamming Er'um

Hugh Lennon

Justin Crew

Tony Burton

Some famous stars comment on The Oddballs

"They are fun guy's, and they are intelligent too" - Des O'Connor
"Very professional, a bit expensive but worth every penny.. One of the funniest things I've ever seen ...". - Jim Davidson
"I could not watch them, I'd have had a stroke" - John Inman
"Funny, I've never seen anything like them" - Petula Clark
"If you are eating your tea right now, you have picked an unfortunate time" - Michael Aspel
"Is that your Bentley out side". - Richard Digance
"I cried with laughter, Funniest thing I've seen in years" - Barbara Windsor
"Brilliant" - Charlie Kray
"Three funny men with balloons" - Gary Bushell
"I need a fag" - June Brown (Dot Cotton)
"I'll buy their Zimmer Frames" - Jess Conrad
"You are on after me" - Roger de Courcey
"Three very funny guys" - Charlie Drake
"Can you do next year again, The punters love you" - Dave Lee
"My Missus dared me to do it with them ..... So I did, very funny" - Brian Conley

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