Trisha invites Danny and his son to air their laundry in public
ITV’s new Queen of Chat was interested to learn of Danny's son, Buster, problem with Danny's outrageous antics.
They were both interviewed on the daytime ITV show to try and resolve their differences.
See for the new Trisha website.

100% English
Adult Gift Shop
Beacon Bingo
Benefit Performance
Brian Conley
Dwarf Throwing
Embarrassing Parent
Erotic Awards
LBC Radio
Lenny Tribute
Love It! Magazine
Madness & The Oddballs
London Palladium
Portugal TV
Sinderella 2
Strictly Come Dancing
The Salon

Stag Shows - Female strippers & Blue comedian
Danny Blue - You're Too Outrageous! Review all the screen grabs

  Danny enters the stage
  Danny pulls up the seat
  The fireworks begin
  Danny explains his profession
  Trisha councils the pair
  Trisha views the naked dance
  Not a daytime TV image
  Trisha gives up

Even with Trisha's help Danny still performs his outrageous acts across the country.  Buster, his son has given up trying to change his father and has since moved 1810 miles (2912 km) away to live in the Canary Islands.  Meanwhile Trisha still presents her daytime TV program but relies on her psychiatrists help to sleep at night.

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